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Paying attention to our diet will help us feel better, avoid diseases and consequently be happier. It is unquestionable to recognize that we are what we eat.

Today nutrition is not a simple act to be able to live obtaining energy, knowing how to choose the quantity and variety of nutrients is the key to achieving an optimal and balanced state. The imbalance brings us closer to the disease.

The key to success lies in establishing certain habits and incorporating them into our daily routine; not on occasional diets or temporary efforts; but in finding a healthy and balanced lifestyle according to our needs and the vital moment in which we find ourselves.

Knowledge makes us able to choose: knowing how to select what we eat; choose the best options in our day to day. In this way, avoid occasional diets; and establish healthy nutritional habits in our lives.


Today it is common to see people who are overweight, we all know friends, relatives where we observe this imbalance of energy.

The key is to detect why it happens; excess food, metabolic problems, stress, psychological problems, which makes us eat compulsively. Once the origin of the problem is detected, it is easier to guide the best solution.

For example: there are imbalances due to excess protein that result in uric acid or the well-known gout.

The tension, the metabolism of insulin/sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, are altered if we are not careful in knowing what our needs and proportions are, that is where the intervention of the nutritionist can help. It is important to keep in mind that the vast majority of vascular accidents are caused by dietary imbalances; Vascular accidents are not only heart attacks, there are also cerebrovascular accidents, thrombosis…