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The world health organization has classified obesity as the pandemic of the 21st century. Obesity is also classified as a chronic disease that is difficult to cure. Being overweight can be the prelude to obesity.

This disease is approached in different ways: various surgical techniques, through physical exercise, nutritional intervention, psychological or psychiatric support.

Relationship Between Overweight And Disease

What is evident is that obesity is equal to disease, there is no such thing as a healthy obese person.

Comorbidities or diseases associated with obesity can be: type II diabetes, vascular diseases caused by excess fat, hypertension, osteoarthritis, various types of cancer; These are just some of the causes of obesity and where in each of this sub-disease, that is, a disease derived from obesity, it brings new alterations and problems.

Suffering from diabetes damages our blood vessels and we have kidney and eye problems, vascular disease causes cerebrovascular accidents or macrovascular accidents where the vital risk is high and thus we continue to loop the loop until we end up completely ill.

The important thing is to prevent, to act before our state of obesity becomes chronic, it is important to identify the causes of that obesity, not everyone gains weight in the same way or with the same speed.

Nutritional Strategy In Overweight

Overweight is a state prior to obesity where, if not treated, we can end up making our disease more and more chronic, which is why intervention from nutrition and physical exercise are the most effective agents to normalize this alteration or imbalance.

Many people eat with anxiety because of stress, there are people who gain weight due to hypothyroidism, from nutrients we can manage that stress that anxiety about food.

Not everyone has the same genetic load, we must know that not everything is an environmental cause, we also have genes that predispose us to obesity, there are people who eat normally and care about nutrition and gain weight. Detecting the origin of the problem and knowing how to deal with it is the most successful strategy.

Formerly, man hunted in order to survive, today food in our society abounds and unfortunately, high-calorie products with low nutritional content prevail, this together with a sedentary lifestyle is a bomb.

There are people who have inherited genes from our ancestors and are savers, before this was a virtue now it has become a problem.